Flying with an Infant - What to Pack?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Now that your trip is booked, what on earth will a baby need? Well, certainly a lot less if you're headed somewhere you'll be staying with family. If you're taking a vacation, or headed some place a little more exotic, you may need to take into account different things, for example if your child needs certain foods or formulas, you may want to consider bringing those with you. Obviously if you'll have access to laundry machines, you'll lighten your load, but for this particular trip below, I did not.


The upside of travelling with a baby under 2 years is that they fly domestically for free and can check a stroller and a car seat for free as well. The downside - they don't get their own luggage allowance, so you will have to pack baby's things in your own suitcase, or pay to check them a bag. Most airlines now charge for checked luggage, and some even charge for carry on, so I usually do the best I could to get our clothes in the same bag and not pay for an extra bag!

So what do I pack for my baby when staying in a hotel?

- Pajamas - one pair for every night, plus at least one extra - in case of accidents. As Miss P gets a bit older, I find we can wear jammies for more than one night, but in the beginning - this was not the case!

- Light blankets (I like Aden and Anais bamboo cotton swaddlers aden + anais rayon from bamboo fiber muslin swaddle 3-pack, mela seriously - they are amazing, soft, light weight and easily packable for travelling) 2-3 depending on the length of the trip and age of baby (I brought more for my little one when she was younger, since she did a lot of spitting up) 

- Diapers -  I use disposable. Obviously you can buy these at your destination, but I tend to stock up on them when they're on a sale so it makes more sense for me to bring what I already have.

- A pack of wipes - I like the kinds that have plastic tops to make sure they don't dry out, for example Huggies

- A burp cloth for every day of travel + bibs - again... we had an issue with spitting up until 6 months.

- 1-2 outfits per day, plus socks and shoes for each day. I especially like layered outfits like this that are 100% cotton. If it gets too warm take off a layer, and by using cotton the fabric will "breathe" in the event of heat or cool temps while you're on the go.

- Swim/Beach Gear - Depending on your destination, swim suit, cover up, baby sunscreen, sun hat, swim diapers (reusable swim diapers are great since they save you space!) and reusable wet bag for dirty clothes, wet suits etc. I love this Bumkins Waterproof wet/dry bag for travel - it's great not only for wet swim suits, but any sort of "accidents" or spills you and your munchkin might encounter. I got mine from Citrus Lane, but there are plenty of options on Amazon: Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag, Purple Dandelion

- Small toiletry bag for baby - travel size lotion and soap, hair brush, baby powder (especially helpful if you're headed to a sandy destination to remove sand - this Pinterest gem actually works!), baby Tylenol (in case of teething). If I'm headed out for just a night or two, I like Johnson & Johnson disposable baby washcloths which have the soap right in them. It cuts down on what I pack.

- Formula/breast pump/and/or baby food -  something you can buy at your destination but I prefer to take it with me and not have to mess around to find grocery stores when I get there.

- Bottles & Pacifiers - I like to bring 2-4 depending on the length of our stay

Other nice things to know -

- If you're staying in a hotel, most will provide either a pack n' play or a crib for you. A few hotels we've been to have even provided a little toiletry kit for baby with soaps and a rubber ducky! You can usually pre-request this while making your reservation, or simply tell your travel agent and they can take care of that request for you. Don't worry, if you forget to do this before you leave, just tell the desk at check-in. 

And that's about it! What are your must haves for flying with an infant?

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