The Birth of a Blog

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Writing about travel has been something I have been thinking about for well over a year now. In the nearly two years since my daughter was born, my life has changed so much - and not just in the ways you would expect when having your first child. Shortly after our Miss P was welcomed home, we packed up our house in Los Angeles, I quit my job which I had loved, and we shipped the contents of our home to Northern Ireland, where we intended to move.

Until our belongings could make the journey across the Atlantic, I moved back in with my parents (!) in Michigan for six months. Once our belongings arrived, my husband left for Northern Ireland while my daughter and I waited on my visa - which was initially denied - before we could join him three months later. We even shipped our two dogs overseas! Then, we lived with my in-laws, before buying and renovating our first house. We basically did all of the things which put a marriage to the test all in the same year - and made it out to tell the tale. Now, we are happily settled in Northern Ireland - but with friends and family back home in the states, we're always on the move back and forth between both continents.

I'm frequently asked - by friends, family and while working as a travel agent by panicked mothers how do I do it? What are my tips? Suggestions? What to pack? What if my baby cries? And on and on, and more than once it's been suggested that I blog about what we do. And so - Away Wee Go is born.

I'm happy to share what worked for my daughter and my family while travelling domestically in the US, across Europe, and internationally, as well as what it's like being an Expat in a new country. I'm hoping to discuss what products we like, what places are baby/child friendly (and which aren't!), and how we cope with mishaps along the way.

Away Wee Go - Tips and Tricks for Travelling with babies and young children. Follow along @awayweego
Paris, France, November 2014
So here we go - or rather - Away Wee Go....

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